Sunday, May 4, 2008

JavaOne is this Week

The Java front news has been dry for the last little while since everyone is holding off on announcing anything, instead waiting for the conference in the hopes of getting more press.

I'm really eager to see what will be made available this week. That being said, I'm hoping for major announcements on JavaFX from Sun. At the very least, I'm hoping to see some strong tooling support for content creation on that platform for graphic designers. Also, I'm expecting a new Java ME/CDC operating environment for phones based on the assets acquired from SavaJe and the PhoneME Advanced project. This new environment will feature JavaFX across the board.

Now, I still think Android is better than Java ME/CDC, but the CDC with all optional profiles is equivalent to Java SE 1.4 which is still pretty enticing. Furthermore, Java ME + JavaFX might go a long way to catching up with Android. By the way, PhoneME Advanced implements all the optional CDC profiles, so yes, it's equivalent to Java SE 1.4.

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