Monday, April 13, 2009

Google Updater

Google has been very busy this past week making new release after new release. The release however of Google Updater as open source is definitely very interesting.

One of the most annoying aspect of the modern Windows XP/Vista desktop is keeping your applications up to date. That is, you have an auto-update for Windows and other Microsoft software. You have one from Adobe for your Adobe applications, one from Mozilla for Firefox and the same software but yet another instance for Thunderbird. You have one for Vuze, you have one for any number of applications. Keeping all your software up to date today just requires too much work.

It was hoped that with Windows Vista, Windows Update would be opened to 3rd parties beyond the driver space but that hasn't happened.

The availability of a high quality open source application updater for Windows doesn't guanrantee it will become the de-facto standard nor that all companies that end up using it will share the same instance/server on the back end but it may pressure Microsoft to finally open up Windows Update to 3rd parties.

Anyway, I see this as good news and just hope that we will finally see some progress in this area.

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