Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chrome and Virtual Desktop Manager

Now that I have my new laptop, I decided it was time to find a better virtual desktop manager. I had been using the creatively named Virtual Desktop Manager with mostly good experiences, but a few quirks. One of the more annoying ones is artifacts that occur sometimes, but are persistent, when switching from a desktop with Chrome to one without. After a few days of uptime, I would find ghostly outlines of Chrome windows on all my desktops, and sometimes even orphaned status messages of the variety you get in the bottom left of the browser window when you mouse over a link or are loading a page. Pretty annoying! The second quirk is a blank and non-responsive "Write (no subject)" window courtesy of Thunderbird when you compose an e-mail and switch desktops before sending it.

Anyway, all that has been resolved with the use of Dexpot, I heartily recommend it.

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