Thursday, November 4, 2010

Programming Windows Phone for Free

I usually don't bother with books anymore to learn a new platform, don't need it, they just slow me down. However, I would be lying if I didn't have a special place in my heart for the great Charles Petzold.

Back in 1992, I very much needed books to learn a new language or concept and "Programming Windows 3.1" was my introduction to the world of UI programming and event loops.

Not only was it clear and concise, a "problem" that has since been "fixed" with later editions of the book, it was actually quite entertaining. No small feat considering it took over a hundred lines of C code back in the day just get a window to show up.

Now the Great is back with a book on programming for Windows Phone. I haven't read it but Microsoft is comping the book in support of its new platform and is available to all for free. Microsoft is hoping it will introduce a new generation of developers to Windows Phone like the original did for Windows, I can only hope it will introduce a new generation of developers to Petzold.

You can download the book from here.

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