Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Android Emulator Slow?

I have an 8 core Core i7 processor and the emulator was really slow for me. I'm not talking it's slow to start and then it runs fine. I'm saying it takes a long time to start and it's always slow.

The trick it seems, at least for me, is to disable the loading animation, in Eclipse, you can so do in: Debug Configurations > Your Debug Configuration Name > "Target" tab

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iscy said...

That's what I came up with reading the docs:
-netfast -no-boot-anim -cpu-delay 0

Obviously, the boot anim is a very annoying thing. "netfast" is quite useful because emulating slow network is not that great while debugging... I'm not sure if cpu-delay actually does something... it might just be 0 by default.