Monday, January 19, 2009

The Nokia N96

Just got my brand new toy. The Nokia N96, I honestly don't see the mass market appeal for such a device but I don't think I've felt this young in quite some time. This device is a whole lot of fun.

When I say fun, I don't mean this phone has a touch screen or a full keyboard, more fun like it supports live TV and has a PVR, a pretty damn good web browser, tons of codecs for all your media, good podcasting software, etc, etc. An unlocked version of this thing will set you back $800 USD. I have no idea what the target market for this device could possible be but I like it.

That being said, the N97, if not for the price tag, would be a much more serious product. Touch screen, full screen keyboard... and yes TV and PVR among other things.

Anyway, the N96 is a very good product, everything on this phone just works. The Java support is top notch with support for SVG based interfaces even which makes for some really interesting user interfaces. Again, however, budget conscious users might want to stay away here.

A video review is available here.

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