Saturday, May 11, 2013

Listen Up - Update

Quick update. I've been busy but last Saturday I started work on this integration and continued this morning.


  • Pulling in subscriptions
  • Pulling in episodes
  • Adding on device subscriptions to the gpodder account
  • Proper delta calculations, i.e., only download what has since been updated since the last connection to the service


  • Anonymous mode (for those who don't want a gpodder account)
  • Server state of episodes (read, unread, position, etc.) 
  • Unsubscribe 
  • Properly handle disconnecting from account and re-connecting later
  • Need some work on gpodder devices handling, doesn't feel right
Probably not for next version but will definitely do:
  • Search/Discovery/Recommendations using gpodder
  • Use their podcast image service for getting feed images.  This works without it but gpodder re-sizes the image on their server, saving precious milliamps on the device.
Also, I'm aware that gpodder offers an account provider for Android but decided not to use it for two reasons.  The first is that I'm worried about confusing some users, the other is that I can remove three privileges from the existing permission set of listen up, I couldn't resist.

A special thank you to +J.R. Freeman for suggesting in the first place.

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Scott said...

I am excited to see a good podcasting app take the place of Listen, which I've used constantly since I got my first Android phone a few years ago. Keep up the good work!